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We offer a Managed Print Service.

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Result – Manage and Minimise Print Costs

It’s critical to understand the customers’ business and to offer a solution of consolidation


Not all Printers are created equal!!!

Our long-life Drum Technology is at the core of our devices, and is what delivers our point of difference.

Compared to conventional printers and MFPs, our long drum means our parts and toner cartridges need replacing less than comparable products, reducing operating costs and e-waste.

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Kyocera is one of the world’s leading Document Solutions companies and our unique long-life drums deliver outstanding durability which results in significantly reduced costs and e-waste.

Combine these cutting-edge products with open-platform applications for innovative outcomes that drive efficiency.


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Kyocera implemented green policies over 30 years ago, long before it became fashionable.

Our long-life drum technology means we can change toners without replacing the drum (unlike our competitors).

This means our printers can reduce e-waste by over 80% and when combined with 100% recyclable packaging, a 100% ROHS compliant product range and a 0% waste to landfill recycling program, Kyocera should be your first choice for environmentally-friendly document solutions.

Kyocera... Print to the beat of a different drum


Tailored Document Solutions

Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

To achieve the optimum document workflow for any office, it is necessary to create a document management environment that takes your business environment into consideration. KYOCERA provides a wide range of business applications to meet your solutions-tailoredunique needs, tailored to your document management environment. To ensure these applications are seamlessly integrated with your machine Kyocera created the proprietary solutions platform, HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions). By integrating business applications into HyPAS, which is based on standard Internet technologies, we are able to provide high-value-added solutions that meet the needs of your organization. Below, I have selected the most effective and optimised applications for your business environment:


KYOCERA Cloud Connect

KYOCERA Cloud Connect offers convenient, on-demand printing and scanning without the need for access to a computer or mobile device by embracing popular cloud, or online data storage services. Cloud connect allows you to upload and store files to your account on Evernote and/or Google Drive, directly from the touch screen panel of a Kyocera multifunctional product. When a hardcopy of any document is needed, you can retrieve and print files (including JPEG, PDF and TIFF formats) stored in Evernote, to your Kyocera device. Users can scan to Evernote and Google Drive, and Upload scanned files directly to Evernote/Google Drive from the Kyocera product, removing the need to send scanned files to, or from a computer.


PrintMeEFI™ PrintMe®

EFI™ PrintMe® offers a real-time cloud printing solution that allows you to print anywhere on internet-enabled printers without software, cables or complex set-up. The solution ids perfect for mobile professionals who need 24/7 access to print documents and to businesses that want to increase their revenue streams, save money and improve customer satisfaction.


Mobile-PrintKYOCERA Mobile Print

Simply and conveniently print and scan files, web pages, and images using your smartphone or tablet.